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Unfortunately, estate agents have a bad reputation. Luckily, we can’t just call ourselves “estate agents”. Our team consists of tax advisors, lawyers, interior designers, trained salespeople, digital marketing and photography experts. Basically, our passion is to help clients achieve their goals effortlessly. We always find the solution to a problem.

Take a look at our portfolio. Flats and houses are sold quickly with us thanks to our commitment.
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Property Consultancy

When buying real estate, you should seek the help of experts and not simply buy a second-hand property based on your gut feeling. Not only the legal aspects, such as the type and scope of records in the land register (e.g. land charges) or the existence of all necessary documents, but also the structural condition of the property must be taken into account. Hidden defects are often impossible to detect without the help of an expert.

In order to avoid a bad property purchase, it is favored for you to consider the minor consultation fees of hiring an expert to provide you with advice.
When you are purchasing a piece of property, you should adhere to the advice of expert consultants.

Tax Advice

Taxpayers want to avoid inconveniences with the tax authorities as much as possible.
We offer our non-resident clients correct and optimal assistance in tax matters related to the ownership of a property. Below are the main areas of Spanish tax law in which we provide advice and assistance:

  • Non-resident tax (own use, sale.)
  • Inheritance and gift tax
  • Tax models of the Canary Islands Tax Administration (land acquisition, extensions, notarial deeds…)

Relax and sit back. We will take care of the hard work.